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Managed Accounts


(For professional investors only)

Investment Objective

Active hedging and portfolio management of digital assets around Bitcoin, Altcoins and DeFi-token directly in the investor’s own accounts. 


The most promising digital currencies and blockchain tokens are compiled together with INVAO’s own Digital Asset Index and actively managed using automated algorithms and data models.


Depending on market phases, the respective investment volume in long and short positions is dynamically adjusted to achieve higher downside protection and a balanced risk-reward ratio.

Key Benefits

  • Selection and management of the most promising blockchain-based assets

  • Diversification into different digital assets and trading strategies

  • Automated trading based on quantitative data models and proven algorithms

  • No lock-up periods, funds are always liquid and withdrawable.

  • Assistance and support for account opening, reporting, or digital asset topics

Performance Track Record

INVAO Pwerformance October 2022.jpg

Performance shows indexed performance as a percentage increase in the lead pool of digital assets managed by INVAO, on which investors’ managed accounts are based depending on the entry point, through January 2019 as backtesting data and then as actual performance achieved.


INVAO’s digital asset management has outperformed peers in numerous comparisons. Launched in 2018, INVAO is one of the world’s leading blockchain investment managers.


Domiciled in Liechtenstein, investors enjoy the world’s most advanced and sophisticated regulatory framework for digital assets.

Strategy Service

The service includes the management of a digital asset portfolio directly in investors' exchange accounts. 

By diversifying into the most promising digital assets and applying algorithmic trading strategies, price losses are minimized and returns outperform the market on a regular basis (benchmark is Bitcoin). 


The digital portfolios are composed of INVAO's proprietary Digital Asset Index and baskets of assets for a wide market coverage of over 80%. Positions are hedged through the use of long/short strategies and variable investment levels, depending on market conditions.  


Investors retain full access to their digital assets without INVAO being able to withdraw them.

Return Analysis

All managed accounts have been following an actively managed lead portfolio since January 2019, which has performed to date as follows:

Latest Reporting: October 2022 (1.86%)

Overall Return: 768.5 %

Compound Annual Growth Rate: 101.3%

Average monthly volatility: 15.75%

Average monthly performance: 5.77%

Sharpe Ratio: 3.5

Max monthly Drawdown: -16.6%

Up months: 25

Down months: 21



Bank Frick & Co. AG, Liechtenstein
Sigma Kreditbank AG, Liechtenstein
Bankhaus Scheich, Deutschland

Digital Exchages

Binance, Coinbase, FTX, Kraken

Portfolio Manager

INVAO Trading AG, Liechtenstein

Regulatory Guidance

Nägele Attorneys, Liechtenstein


AREVA Revisions- und Treuhand AG, Liechtenstein

Risk & Reward

The portfolio management invests in crypto assets and thus in a market environment with higher risks and volatility. This requires a corresponding willingness and ability to take such risks.


The value of the underlying blockchain assets may fall below the investment amount. Legal, structural and market participant changes have an effect on the value of the portfolio.


INVAO Trading AG

Äulestrasse 74 
9490 Vaduz 
Principality of Liechtenstein

Key Facts

  • Asset Manager: INVAO Trading AG

  • Investment Process: Active And Automated

  • Investment Strategy: Systematic, Quantitative, Risk Averse

  • Access To Investor's Assets: Mandate To Manage Digital Assets In The Investor's Account

  • Domicile: Liechtenstein

  • Accepted Investors: Worldwide, But Not Eligible For Retail Investors

  • Minimum Subscription: USD, EUR, CHF 100.000

  • Minimum Asset Under Management: USD, EUR, CHF 100.000

  • Investment Currency: USD, EUR, CHF, BTC, ETH

  • Deposit Of The To Be Managed Assets: Direct To Own Accounts At Exchanges Or Custodians

  • Lockup Periods Or Minimum Management Duration: None

  • Acceptance Of Fiat Or Crypto Deposit Via INVAO: Direct To Own Accounts At Exchanges Or Custodians

  • Maturity: None (Unlimited)

  • Redemption Notice: 2 Business Days

  • Management Fee: 2 % On AuM Per Annum

  • Performance Fee: 20 % Of Net Profit Above High Water Mark

  • Subscription Or Other Fees: None

Accepted Investors & Diclaimer

This factsheet is intended exclusively for institutional or professional investors.

Retail investors and all investors residing or doing business in officially blacklisted countries are currently not eligible for the service.


Disclaimer This material has been prepared by INVAO Trading AG for information purposes only for the sole use of the intended recipient and is not suitable for private investors. It does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any particular investments or to adopt any particular investment strategy. The information should not be considered by recipients as a substitute for the use of their own judgment. Neither INVAO nor any of its affiliates nor any of their directors, officers or employees shall have any liability whatsoever for any loss arising from the use of the information in this document. The data contained herein should not be relied upon as such information is subject to change at any time without notice at the discretion of INVAO Trading AG. Investors in digital assets are subject to the risk of total loss of the amount invested. This disclosure statement cannot and does not disclose all risks and other aspects associated with holding, trading or entering into financing or funding transactions with digital assets.__

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